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Mittel-Lipka (in Czech Prostredni Lipka) is a village in the Moravian region (presently in Czech Republic) which together with other villages close to the town of Grulich (in Czech Kraliky) was founded in the 16th century. The main building of the village is the church from 1688. The tower was built later in 1878. There is a lime cross under the church built in 1794. Next to the cross there is a modest monument commemorating soldiers from this village who died during the World War I. Behind the church there is a small graveyard. There are a dozen of graves from after the World War II and a few derelict ones from before 1945. Some old gravestones are dug out of the mud and grass and they are leaned against the wall surrounding the graveyard.

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“At Rockyzan’s request, Podiebrad assigned them for an asylum, a district in the country of Litiz, on the borders of Silesia and Moravia, where he allowed them to form a settlement in which they might enjoy perfect liberty of conscience, and a free exercise of their religious principles. To this spot, a considerable number of nobles, citizens, and clergy, removed from Prague and other parts, who united together with the resolution to brave all dangers, in order to preserve their religious liberty, and at the same time to suffer all things, rather than take up arms against their enemies, as the Taborites had done. These Christians not only adhered stedfastly to the doctrine of John Huss, but they were enabled, by the assistance of the Spirit of God, to make further progress in the course on which he had entered.”

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Katzerland – mission statement

This blog is for all the people whose surname is Katzer. I hope that thanks to the web site they will become interested in their roots which geographically originate from the place called Grulich in The Moravian Region and villages surrounding the area. I believe that visiting this web site will encourage you to learn more about movement of Jan Huß, religious wars connected with it and taking place in the middle of the 15th century and about the history of the Bohemian Brothers Church. All these historical facts are entwined with the genesis of the surname Katzer. Nicolas Katzer, the court astronomer of Henry VIII is the oldest certified person by the name of Katzer we know.

Jacek Katzer