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Mittel-Lipka (in Czech Prostredni Lipka) is a village in the Moravian region (presently in Czech Republic) which together with other villages close to the town of Grulich (in Czech Kraliky) was founded in the 16th century. The main building of the village is the church from 1688. The tower was built later in 1878. There is a lime cross under the church built in 1794. Next to the cross there is a modest monument commemorating soldiers from this village who died during the World War I. Behind the church there is a small graveyard. There are a dozen of graves from after the World War II and a few derelict ones from before 1945. Some old gravestones are dug out of the mud and grass and they are leaned against the wall surrounding the graveyard.

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Katzer villages around Grulich

Erlitz   – Orlice

Grafenort  – Gorzanów

Groß Ullersdorf – Velky Losin

Grumberg – Podlesi

Habelschwerdt – Bystrzyca Kłodzka

Hannsdorf  – Hanusovice

Mahrisch Rothwasser – Cervena Voda

Mittellipka  – Prostredni Lipka

Mohrau – Morava

Niederlipka  – Dolni Lipka

Oberlipka  – Horni Lipka

Wichstadtl – Mladkov


“Katzerland” in 1939, 1:1 000 000
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“Katzerland” in 1910, 1:75000
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